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 GIVE ME YOUR HAND {BWO}, tag: cadi and wendy
francine tamias warren
 Posted: Jan 3 2017, 03:26 AM

FROM Disney's Fairies


who knows


how do you wait on heaven
"Who is a good lil hedgehog, huh? That's right! Hank is the best lil hedgehog in the whoooole wide world!" Francine cooed at the little animal curled up in her hands and laughed. It was such a weird day. Disasters were happening every where and she knew that if she left and tried to do anything, Everett would come home to an empty house and worry. And call her a million times, so it was better that she was here. Besides, she could make sure all of the animals were okay. That was important.

And it was so comfy here. She curled up with Hank and slowly started to doze off, waiting for her roommate to get home.

Fran swore she had only closed her eyes for a moment, and she knew she was safe and dry. She knew she was sitting on her chair with a nice warm blanket cuddling Hank. She knew these things to be true. So why was she so cold? So wet? And why did it feel like she was drowning? Brown eyes fluttered open and the first emotion she felt was panic. This wasn't San Francisco. This was the Other Realm. The one that had betrayed her so many times before. The one that had almost killed her before. How did she get here? And why was it wet?

Rain. Get up. You have to get up. Pushing herself up in the mud proved harder than she though. She was so small that every drop of rain knocked her down and back into the murk. Curling her wings as tight as she could against her back, she tried to protect them. One drop and she could never fly again. With or without pixie dust. "Get up!" She almost yelled at herself and winced as leaf covered boots squelched in the mud, but she was up. She was no longer a laying target. What was going on?

Her steps were hard and difficult. It took a lot of energy to lift each foot and she was already shivering pretty badly. That was when dark eyes spotted another figure her size not far away. Also stuck in the mud. Fawn only paused a moment to take in the other's appearance. Faerie. It was another faerie, but not one she knew. She knew every faerie in the Hollow, but not... "Winter faerie," she breathed in almost quiet admiration. White hair, blue clothes, it was obvious. And the other fae was in trouble. Real trouble.

Trudging her way over as quickly as she could make herself go, Fawn extended a hand towards the other faerie. "C'mon! Get up. You have to!" No time to panic over the portal being missing. If she panicked then this fae could pay for it. No. Concentrate. Use your head and heart. They've never lied. "Let me help you, okay?" She had to alost yell over the rain, but it was the best she could do. With all this rain, there was danger of flooding. Flooding would kill them both.

"My name is Fawn, and I'm not gonna hurt you! Promise on my honor as an animal faerie!"

TAG: catrin eira perry NOTES: ;o; i hope it's ok let me know ok ???

catrin eira perry
 Posted: Apr 12 2017, 09:30 PM

FROM secret of the wings




have to swim
You gotta swim, Swim for your life. Swim for the music That saves you When you're not so sure you'll survive. You gotta swim, Swim when it hurts. The whole world is watching, You haven't come this far To fall off the earth. The currents will pull you Away from your love. Just keep your head above. I found a tidal wave Begging to tear down the door. Memories like bullets They fired at me from a gun. Cracking me open now. I swim to brighter days, Despite the absence of sun, Choking on salt water. I'm not giving in. You gotta swim For nights that won't end. Swim for your family - - - - - - - - - -
Something had happened. Something very bad. One minute, she'd been at home, staring at the screen of her computer catching herself up on the disasters of the day that had been occurring city-wide, and the next thing she knew, she'd been back in the animated world. Had she fallen asleep? Was it all just some dream that she was having as she slumbered atop her keyboard? But then in her search for the portal that, in reality, would take her back to San Francisco and that she'd assumed would wake her from her dreams, she'd come across Zelda, another fairy from Pixie Hollow, and it was then that she'd realized this wasn't a dream after all--couldn't be a dream. She couldn't have just made up another fairy like Zelda with her imagination alone--a dust keeper fairy much like Terence, but with a sort of brilliant curiosity about the world and how it operated that was all its own. She remembered the heat, the sweltering humidity of the forest she'd landed in and the way that it made her wings--she would have been more excited to have them back again had it not been so hot that she couldn't think about anything other than the risk of losing them permanently in that warmth--wilt and droop, hanging low against her back as she trudged through the underbrush. But the cold snap had come on all too quickly, a frightening match to the disasters she'd read about in the world on the other side of the portal, and she was again stricken by the mirror effect between the two worlds, separate and individual but also intrinsically tied together by some invisible string. Too suddenly, the tables had turned on the young fairies as the heat broke away and was replaced with a heavy chill, and her own struggle turned to familiar comfort while Zelda's own life, being a fairy from the warmer seasons back home in Pixie Hollow, was now threatened by the freeze.

They'd escaped, somehow, narrowly, and she'd thought that maybe that might be the end of things. That maybe they could find the portal and cross back into the city and return to the safety of their homes to wait out the rest of the projected and unprojected storms of the day, and yet the surprises continued, and they'd been separated, and after losing track of Zelda, things became a little hazy. Where had she ended up? Where had the wing pulled her away to? How had she gotten so off track? Sputtering for a moment as she came to, pulling in a deep breath that was little more than mud and water, she felt herself convulse against the obstruction in her airway. Mud. Where had mud come from? Coughing on the thick, damp mass of it, she rolled herself from her stomach and stared for a moment up at the sky above her, dark as roiling storm clouds brewed overhead. Rain. Raindrops. Water. If one of those drops hit her wings hard enough, they could be broken, leaving her crippled for the rest of her life. Sputtering again as a particularly large raindrop hit the ground next to her, splashing water up against her arms and face, she was at least grateful that the cool water kept her from overheating and her wings from wilting as they had done earlier in the forest before the flash freeze hit them. A voice above her caught her attention, and she opened her eyes wide, blue irises flashing between the dark, tumultuous sky and the fairy who stood over her--another fairy?--for a moment before she finally forced herself into action, groaning as she pushed herself up on her elbows and reached for the other fairy's hand.

The raindrops kept falling all around them, hitting the ground on all sides and splashing up mud and sediment with each collision, and she could feel the grime clinging to her skin and seeping through her clothes as she pushed up off of the ground with the other fairy's help and climbed to her feet wobbling for a moment as she struggled to find her balance and met her eyes where she stood in front of her. An animal talent fairy. Fawn. That meant that she was from the warm seasons, just like Tamzin and Terence and Zelda. She must have been trustworthy if she worked with animals, right? Sled had been one of the kindest, most trustworthy sparrowmen she'd ever known. "Y-you're from Pixie Hollow?" The question came out despite the fact that she was almost sure of the answer, and she quickly shook away any further questions she might have for the time being. This was no time to ask the other fairy all about her life when danger was looming just at their backs. Nodding weakly as she forced herself to focus, she took a moment to assess the state of her wings, damp and wilted even with the water splashing down all around and the cool bite in the air. This wasn't a good sign, just as it wasn't a good sign that the water at their feet was already collecting in shallow puddles. If the rain continued at this rate, then those puddles would only continue to grow, and eventually the water would overwhelm them. Her heart beat frantically in her chest, her breath coming in short gasps of air, and she quickly turned her head to seek out higher ground of some sort. They couldn't fly, not in this weather with their wings already compromised by the rain and the dampness on the air, but there had to be some way that they could get out of the path of danger, didn't there?

"Th--there has to be somewhere where we can get to higher ground." Holding a hand up to shield her eyes from the onslaught of rainfall, Cadi ignored the way she could feel the fatigue in her limbs spread with each passing moment, and she stared off across the blank expanse of nothingness. A rainstorm in the middle of the desert, a flash freeze in the forest...it was a day of disasters indeed, and moreso, of disasters that made little to no sense. What were they going to do? Out here in the middle of nowhere, they were nothing but sitting ducks, but there was nothing that she could see that would put them up and out of harm's way, and either way both of their wings were in serious danger. "I don't see anything." Wiping at her forehead with the back of her hand to slick away the sheen of rainwater, she was surprised to find that her skin was warm beneath the chilled moisture, and she grimaced at the feeling. This wasn't good at all.

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