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 Make Yourself a Monster?, Max & Ethan
wren isolina marrok
 Posted on: Jun 13 2017, 09:09 AM
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This was it. After weeks of preparation, of making sure that each spell worked in tandem not only with each other but with each cog and spring, of garnering the right materials that would withstand the electrical and magical charge, after checking and rechecking her calculations…this was it. The moment of truth. And truthfully, Wren was equal parts nervous and excited. Her heart raced in her chest. This wasn’t what she usually did. Finding that precise balance between the muggle and the magical worlds was usually her sister’s thing. Mary was the smart one, she always had been. Her sister’s head was full to the brim with ideas that constantly pushed the envelope, blending together the worlds of science and magic together in a nearly seamless way that Wren had never mastered herself. Or really wanted to. But then a question was prosed by her twin about the paper charm that Wren was so fond of using that she had never given thought to. Could the said charm be applied to other materials? Say, cloth or metal? And though she has never really identified with her sister’s maddening desire to know everything there was to know about every spell she cast…this one was her favorite. And thus she had that irritating spark of curiosity lit in her chest, which sent her down a much longer trail that led her to where she was today.

Looking down at the fruit of her labors. A small doll-like figure crafted out of fabric and metal—because why not press the envelope and blow the socks off of Mary’s feet—that she would be attempting to animate fully. Animate into its own entity. Not a puppet that moved and spoke in whatever way she dictated or a robot that reacted in a certain way due to a set of preprogrammed responses, but he would—hopefully—be his own entity. Much like her charmed paper animals acted like themselves until the opening charm was applied. But with him, with Ethan, there would be no opening charm. He would, ideally, continue on as long as her magic did. That part was a little shady as to whether or not it would work, she would admit, but it was something that she could work on as she saw how he progressed.

All that was left was to say the incantation and hope for the best. But Wren was nervous. She wasn’t Mary. Complex calculations and various variables weren’t her strong suit. What if something went wrong? What if he didn’t work? She’d like to believe that she’d have the strength to try again. To keep at it until she got it right but she worried that the crushing sense of failure would make her quit. Or surrender the project to Mary, to the better, smarter twin; which would be better for Ethan in the long run, wouldn’t it? Better to be planned out and be one hundred percent sure that he’d work and be made of real cloth and materials instead of a bit of a potato sack, some watch gears, and a zipper from a discarded pair of jeans. Her twin was better practiced at making her far reaching dreams into a reality than she was but this was her best effort and though Ethan’s existence (or lack thereof) wouldn’t be as glamorous as the one he might have had with Mary, she had to try. She owed herself—and Ethan—that much.

Thus with a determined shake of her head, the young witch murmured several incantations while pointing at various sections of Ethan’s small torso. When she was finished she felt like there ought to be a flash of lightening or an achievement sound but instead she just had to wait. Wait and see if her hard work paid off. “C’mon Ethan…please work.”

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ethan hollis sacks
 Posted on: Oct 13 2017, 12:12 AM
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There was nothing, then, a bright white light filled his vision and he felt something like a great pressure all around him. Coming into existence was like taking a deep breath after almost drowning, a build-up then release as the magic he was born from coalesced then dissipated. He waited at first, hearing the distant sound of a name Ethan, and felt out each of his small limbs one by one. Two bottom things, two top things and another above those, his… head? Something sat within it and he could feel it there. He knew he was connected to it, so he tried, reaching out with his soul and after a great effort, he opened his tiny eyes.

He blinked once, twice, then three times rapidly as his vision came into focus, slowly but surely. He raised his hands and looked at them, wriggling his fingers in front of his face, fascinated by their movement. He looked down his body, poked at his zipper that ran its length then glanced at his feet, wiggling them up and down. He stood up gingerly, unsure of his body, unsure of himself and looked around. That was when he noticed the huge face above him – staring, so unlike him yet, similar? He shouted in surprise, a soft “Ahh!” leaving his throat. His hands immediately reacted and touched the spot he felt the vibrations form.

“H-hello.” He said, searching for a place to hide in case they were unfriendly. “Who are you?” He asked, quite curious about their nature and how he’d come to be… speaking of which. “Who am I?” He asked, fixing his gaze on a far-off spot of the room, having a very small existential crisis. There were many things strewn around that he wanted to ask questions about, an endless list of them seemed to flood his head and it almost hurt with the bombardment. Ethan held his stomach with his copper hand, feeling dizziness overtake him. It soon passed and he righted himself, once more looking at his creator in amazement.

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