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A lover of AUs and a master of causing the feels, Wendy is always at the ready to offer love and support to her fellow members. Her posts are lovingly constructed, detailed, and every character speaks in their own voice; from the lovable Cadi to the villainous Cala. EDS wouldn't be the same without her, so go show her some love!





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Welcome to ENDLESS DIAMOND SKY! We are an animation personified site set both in the animated world and present day San Francisco. A terrible darkness is spreading through the animated realm, driving everyone from their homes and into unknown territory that we know as reality. Now they find themselves at a crossroads: do they fight for their world or do they turn their back on it and make San Francisco their home? What will you choose?

san francisco, calif. 2018


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 Your Uber Awaits, Matias/Pond
zeta pyralis cavern
 Posted: Feb 6 2018, 02:10 AM


  37 years old
  Acxe ()


Are we drunk? Zeta asked her brothers as they walked out of a bar, with a few drinks in their system. It was their day off and the sister wanted to celebrate it in a little way, considering there was not enough time to go through the portal.

Maybe… I don’t know. When did the sky become so shiny? Their head lifted to look up at the rare clear sky to see what little stars came out in the middle of a city. Delta always did get distracted by the tiniest things but this was pretty.

You… you both are drunk. Maybe tipsy. Gamma even stumbled on his words, as they stood on the sidewalk. Not even paying attention to his kinder brother. How high was that alcohol content? The memory guru, between the three heads, was even having a hard time remembering the label, that they had read before drinking the beer.

Either way it was a good way to celebrate a day off after that event. Talking about how the museum, every once in a while stayed open late to either host a black and tie event or something for the public. Which meant their quiet and very home-like atmosphere, at their job, turned into overexposure of people for the three-headed canine. This always made, at least, Zeta a little more anxious for it meant more chances for her brothers to be exposed in a mental disorder way instead of a perfectly normal Cerberus in human skin way.

At least the bar was normal today. Delta pointed out, feeling the anxious thoughts from his sister. Trying to calm her down, by letting her know their drinking place was as usual, dead. It was only because they came early evening while everyone else came later, by the time they were done with their drinks others would be just arriving to celebrate. Which was awesome for the canine.

After a few minutes of looking at the stars, Gamma just sighed. Can we go now? The public is coming. His growly voice got Zeta to look around and see that in fact, people were in fact coming.

I suppose we could use food that isn't bar food. Zeta looked at her watch, a tongue clicking noise came at the result.

We just missed it didn’t we? Gamma’s answer came in the form of a nod of their head. Great… now we have to suffer through a half hour of waiting. For that Damn Bus! Whining unhappily at this conclusion. And I am hungry now! Sighing out his frustrations.

We can always call an Uber. A memory of a car service, he had overheard in the bar had come to the calmer brother’s mind.

Oh, and how do we call this Uber? For she had not been paying attention to the humans around her, for she had been too much into what was on the tv more. Human sports sure knew how to keep her entertained.

We use a smartphone. Like the one we have. Delta was getting excited at the possibility of getting to do a new thing. He always did love doing that… except when it came to Gamma’s excursions and doing whatever he felt like with sister’s body. Then he was not so happy about it. For it meant sister was not able to have a say, for she was sleeping to keep up with this human life. It seemed hard, so the calmer brother would make sure to help any way he could.

Sounds like a plan. So long as I eat I don’t care. Gamma input his need to get something in their stomach asap.

Okay. Zeta pulled out her phone, ignoring her manipulative brother.Walk me through it. Asking Delta for his help.

Between two of the heads, they were able to order a car to drop them at home. Both Zeta and Delta had agreed that if they were going to do a new activity like call an Uber, they might as well eat somewhere new as well. But their reclusive ways just came into play. For they did not know that many places, and out of those places they had already eaten at all of them. Both sighed at this thought as Zeta pressed the final button. And now we just wait.

Okay. So we wait for this Matias person? Trying to confirm it with her brother, who helped summon the uber, on the details.

Yes. That is the impression I got from the screen. An image of Delta nodding came to Zeta.

Just please no one flirt with him. I already get enough from Zeta and sandwich guy doing their… whatever it is. I don’t need to dry heave while I am hungry. Grumpy Gamma came to say what he had to say about this little experiment they were doing.

If he flirts back. I will engage. Delta imputed what he felt like would happen. For he seemed like a very hot guy in his picture.

I will do it just to spite you. For bringing Hektor in this conversation. He is a good friend. Nothing more. Zeta growled lightly.

Yeah the friend you have a crush on. Gamma smirked out getting glares from his siblings. Which caused all to be silent for the rest of the wait.

OOC: matias inigo de tito Hope this works for you Pond. I feel like it would be a likely situation for a drunk Cerby to take an Uber. If I need to change anything please let me know. Also sorry for the length and the tiny print.
matias inigo de tito
 Posted: May 6 2018, 10:57 PM

Hey man if this is torture, chain me to the wall..

  oliver and company
  32 years old
  pond ()


Being a driver was easy. Well, after you passed the tests and proved you wouldn’t drive too crazy it was easy- Matias had no issue with any of it at all. He could easily go for miles after learning in his other life, where he was a bit less than human. He had to admit, driving was far easier when he didn’t have to worry about reaching the pedals, steering, and telling others what to do. This time it was all up to him to drive properly, to take them this way and that, and bring people to their perfect destinations. Most of the time Matias chose to drive during peak hours- where he could get a few more dollars for his work. It wasn’t like he was greedy or anything, he just liked not being poor. He liked being able to go out for drinks later, he liked being able to take a break from it all. And Haven helped too, especially with those who didn’t understand what it was like to be poor, to have nothing, to not even work. It seemed like they truly understood just what he was suffering through, and it was nice.

This late at night it was fun to drive around, it was fun to see just how many people were completely wasted. Honestly it reminded the chihuahua of home, of wandering the streets to find scraps at all hours of the day. Nighttime was often a mix of results- sometimes people were happy and gave all their scraps to the pups, but other times they got nothing at all. Those were the times that Matias honestly found hard. They would get kicked aside from the rude drunks, forced into situations they certainly didn’t enjoy at all. But that was okay, and they survived. They all did, until the darkness came. And he couldn’t blame it- at least this life was better than nothing. Eventually he’d find more of his friends again, and that would be nice. Easy.

Matias dropped off a young happy couple at a bar before checking his phone, looking for his next assignment. So who would he be picking up now? The dog couldn’t help but hope for it to be some sort of young attractive woman, or a young single man. Matias wasn’t picky, after all. As long as they weren’t wasted, he could try to lay down a few lines, right? He could maybe end up in some sort of interesting scenario? Honestly, he had no idea. As he scrolled down the app, he saw his next assignment pop up- just a few blocks away, and they wanted to go a few miles to go off at home- perfect. Zeta was a bit of an odd name, but he didn’t mind. As long as they paid and were a nice person, things would be simple, and he’d be off on another ride.

He drove the few blocks and pulled up in front of a young woman on the side of the road. He rolled down his window, ”Zeta, I presume?” Matias spoke with a bit of a laugh, ”Come on in, front or back seat, whatever works for you!”

zeta pyralis cavern

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