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CANON: Merida
HEIGHT: 5'7''
QUOTE: Our fate lives within us, you only have to be brave enough to see it.
AGE: 20
ALIAS: Leigh
MOVIE: Brave
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LYRICS: When cold winds are calling
And the sky is clear and bright,
Misty mountains sing and beckon,
Lead me out into the light...
I will ride, I will fly,
Chase the wind and touch the sky,
I will fly,
Chase the wind and touch the sky..
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merida eileen macdunn


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Jun 2 2017, 03:56 PM
Hi all,

I don't think this will be an absence, but while I'm able to access the site via my phone I'm just being cautious in case the problem isn't resolved soon. My internet is misbehaving (which is something that seems to happen annually around this time of year). The support hasn't issued a major outage, which is a good sign... But it's being very fickle atm. I don't know about my reliability over the next few days, so if I'm not around it's just a hex over my net, and doesn't mean I've been carried off to Tir na nOg.

Should not last long.

Leigh <3
May 24 2017, 11:19 PM

Mu tha thu airson a bhith buan, Na teid eadar an té ruadh agus a' chreag
{if you want to live a life that is long, don't get between she who is red haired and a rock}

May 4 2017, 11:40 PM

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May 2 2017, 11:50 PM


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Apr 30 2017, 12:29 AM
[dohtml]<center><div id="t"><div id="timg"><div class="thing"><div class="taps">

Princess Merida


<div id="p">

The sound blasted out, shattering the air with un-natural thunder. Back at the camp the booming was easy enough to hear, but on the outskirts, it was even more powerful. The closer Merida got, the louder and more pronounced the explosions' impact became. Any sane person would be headed away from the relentless blasting, not walking closer step by step. Merida felt crazy. Though, she took comfort that she wasn't heading to the site of mayhem by her own inclination. She was helping. <p>

That was the trouble with 'helping', it seemed to entail activities a person would never otherwise get themselves tangled into. How did Ella do it? She seemed so selfless, able to spring to action and offer aid without a grimace, sigh or look of disdain. There were times when Merida envied the quality of boundless charity, but part of her still groaned at the slightest task she was offered. She was trying. She was at the rebel camp, and offered herself to whatever needing doing. True, she had not envisioned tasks and chores of mundane nature. She had joined The Rebellion because she wanted to fight, make a difference, change things. Give her any mission. and she willingly sprang into action. It was a betrayal to her good intentions to be put on supply duty, or some other meaningless task.<p>

Merida's mother would have had a good deal to say on the subject. Queen Elinor was never a woman to stand idly by while there was something to be done. Merida knew she would be lectured on duty and setting an example, being told even the humblest task done for the sake of a greater good was too important to ignore. Even with her mother absent, the unspoken lecture resounded through Merida's subconscious. Was that why she was at the camp, doing these meaningless things? Probably. It was not so entirely long ago that all Merida wanted was freedom from her mother's ruling hand. Now, that fate granted, she found herself still tethered to the ideals ingrained since youth. It was a counterbalance, a struggle, self will pitted against obligation, something she still didn't understand about herself. <p>


"Michty me!"
Merida exclaimed, the ground before her shaking, making her heart skip a beat then race. "I swear, if my ears aren't gonna be blown off...." Merida started to trudge in a heated stomp, muttering to herself. "No wonder they gave this job to me, Merida is new, she won't mind. She's a princess, needs to learn humility, besides what other rat-arsed bampot can we get do it?!" Heaving the crate in her grip, she walked forward, fueled by temper as the path slanted downhill.<p>

Still muttering and offering choice words in Gaelic, Merida stormed into a clearing. The encampment was elevated away from the clearing, trees less thick, but ground level, creating a decline in the landscape. The clearing was littered with boxes, tables, crates and items Merida had no inkling to their use and purpose. Her forceful stomp abated into lazier steps as she glanced around the clutter. She noted a figure, back turned to her, a man with dark hair, busy at something. Merida advanced over.<p>


Merida put down the crate of supplies, and covered her ears with her hands. "HELLOOOO?!" she shouted, not caring if her voice broke the sound barrier. If the man had not shattered his own ear drums with the explosions booming, it would be a marvel.<p></div>

<div class="lyr">eyes wide and wondering</div>
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