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Acxe is a true gem. Always present, always eager to offer up support and a kind word. They've given life to an interesting cast of characters from Kristoff to Cerberus, all of which are a welcome edition to EDS and played phenomenally. If you haven't, now is definately a good time to show your appreciation, and thank Acxe for everything they do!


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Welcome to ENDLESS DIAMOND SKY! We are an animation personified site set both in the animated world and present day San Francisco. Open since OCTOBER 2015, we are a friendly, thriving community who welcomes players from all levels and backgrounds. When registering your account, please register with first middle last in all lowercase!

A terrible darkness is spreading through the animated realm, driving everyone from their homes and into unknown territory that we know as reality. Now they find themselves at a crossroads: do they fight for their world or do they turn their back on it and make San Francisco their home? What will you choose?

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   PRESENT DAY, 2018


 The Rules, updated Aug. 2 2018
 Posted: Jun 13 2018, 09:30 AM

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site, community & general rules

If you have any questions about the rules or anything on-site, please contact a staff member.


Respect and civility are not optional across all platforms associated with EDS. This includes the forum itself, the C-box, as well as the Discord server and Tumblr.
As with any community, not everyone will be friends and not everyone will get along, but every single person here is deserving of respect and kindness in our common spaces and should be given that. There may be disagreements or debates at times, but remember that everyone is entitled to their own opinion - be aware of the language you use when addressing other members. Name calling and slandering is not tolerated and can result in a warning. While we cannot see all that goes on outside these public spaces, fighting between members will not be tolerated. If you have a problem with anyone, contact a staff member.

Similarly, if you are having a problem of any kind on-site, contact a staff member and tell us about it as soon as you can.
Good communication is very important: we cannot fix problems we don't know about and we’d like to address them before they get out of hand. Do not sit on issues and let them fester if there is the possibility it can be fixed! If you can, please use PM, as we will keep a log of your issue. Direct messaging on Discord or another messenger is also acceptable. Please do not take advantage of staffer’s personal modes of contact for serious site issues, even if you have them handy (that includes text messaging, calling, emailing, etc.). We like to make ourselves available but must draw the line for our personal lives at some point.

Do not pester other members for thread or plot replies.
If the thread has been left for several months, that's one thing, but please give your fellow members time to think about their responses. Understand that everyone on site moves at their own pace and their pace may be slower than yours. If you have mismatched expectations on how long a reply should take, discuss with your partner. Ensure that you’re on the same page before you get upset while waiting on posts or plots. Communication is everything here.

Similarly, do not pester administrators to review your application.
Do not use the alert system or post a link to your app in the Discord server to notify admins when your application is complete. We cannot always read applications immediately after they're posted, but they should be reviewed within 24 hours of completion. If many apps have been posted or completed within the span of a day or two, please be understanding that it slows our acceptance process down when things pile up. A DM is a perfectly acceptable way to ask if your app has been looked at yet - often there’s nothing wrong with it, we’ve just been busy!

Plagiarism (of applications, posts, graphics, etc.) is not tolerated on EDS. This includes removing credit on codes and templates.
If the case of plagiarism is clear, we will confirm, and it will result in a ban. If the situation is unclear, we will investigate. If you see something that may be stolen on site, please let an admin know. If you have had your work stolen by another member, we will let you know our findings. If you are an uninvolved third party, please understand that we will not fill you in on all of the details, as it is a private matter with the two parties involved.

chat box & discord etiquette

Please be courteous, patient with others, and follow all general site rules in chat spaces such as the Cbox or our Discord server. You can find more detailed guidelines and Discord-related tips and tricks of use in the #welcome channel here.


Avatars must be 250x350px.

The maximum width for signatures is 500px. Please do not stretch the board.

Images that involve nudity, explicit content, or vulgar gestures have no place on board. Think of the rules on images as PG-13, but please use your best judgement.

 Posted: Jun 13 2018, 11:15 AM

"Follow the path to your dreams"

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character & application rules

general character guidelines

Characters must have a first, middle, and last name. This will be your username when registering - please register in all lowercase.

Canons here on EDS are the characters themselves personified. This is not a “spirits” site.
For this reason, we ask that you stick as closely to their actions and personality in their movie as you can. You may put your personal twist on a character and make some changes to their personality/sexuality/etc., but please support it logically in the character connections segment of your app. See below for more detailed rules on genderbends, racebends, unorthodox member groups, and more.

No Mary Sues or Gary Stus please. Give your character layers and depth. Nobody's perfect - no character should be either.

Do not godmod other characters when creating your application.
Try to focus on your character alone as much as possible. Don't make other characters do things that weren't stated in the canon story of the movie. That means that once darkness hits, you cannot definitively decide the motives and actions of a character besides the one you are apping. Some reasonable exposition to separate characters to believably fit the site plot can be acceptable, but big decisions and actions are out of the question. If we see these things in your application, your app will be pended and you will be asked to edit.

Please follow the established timeline cutoff of the characters that are from that movie and present on the board already.
You can find that information in their applications, and if you're still unsure after reading those, just send a PM to the player and ask. We do double check this to ensure that everyone in the canon is on the same page, and if we find that your cutoff does not logically match up with the rest of the canon, you will be asked to edit.

The minimum character age is 18. Canons that are children in their film will be “aged up” by the portal.
We understand that some characters might be younger than that in their animated form, but they should all manifest in the real world at an age that is eighteen or above. Think of it as a crazy plot point for younger characters - they would be a kid in an adult's body the instant they stepped into San Francisco! Take any established cutoff times into account, as this will further affect the age of your character. If you need some help determining a reasonable age of your character in regards to their canon, just ask!

All playbys, like the characters they will be playing, must be 18 or older in real life. When in doubt, Google!

If there is a movie not on our Canon List that you are interested in playing a character from, let an admin know to see if we will allow it to be added.
Our canon list is not a comprehensive and complete guide to all that we might accept on site. It is a very good starting place, however, and we have tried to keep it limited to some of the best known animated movies.
Please note for international and small release movies, we do require the American English DVD to be available before we add it to the canon list. This is to ensure that the admins have the opportunity to reliably have access to the film - we don’t want to have to judge a character on a movie we haven’t been able to watch!

Do not mix movie canons. Remember, this is not a Once Upon A Time site, and therefore each movie is separate until the darkness arrives.
While we encourage you to explore other canon worlds with your character after acceptance, we do not allow characters from one movie to influence another prior to the arrival of the darkness as it interferes with the integrity of each movie's individual world. For example, Fievel Mousekewitz would not be one of the mice helping out with Cinderella's dress.

Likewise, you cannot mix the established movie canon with the "real" world outside of the site plot. The animated world and the real world must remain completely separate until darkness comes into play, wherever the canon cutoff is established.
In the cases of films such as Enchanted where the film begins in the animated world and then transfers at a clear point, certain workarounds can be established to make them playable. This often requires that the canon cutoff be placed before the animated characters wander into the real world. This can't always be so easily done, so please understand why some films in both "worlds" are not on the canon list. Films like Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Space Jam, for example, blur the lines between reality and the animated world so much that they become impossible to fit into our canon.

Some canon worlds are combined in cases of sequels or related universes.
For example, Whisper of the Heart and The Cat Returns feature some of the same characters. You can find any and all canons that we consider one universe on the Canon List.

In the case of several films being “inspired” so to say from the same source, we will allow that character to exist in more than one canon.
For example, between Peter Pan and the Tinker Bell movies, due to the character overlap and the rather large differences in characterization, both are allowed on-site and are considered alternate universes. This means there can be two Tinker Bells and two James Hooks.The same goes for Shrek’s fairy tale characters (Merlin, Arthur) and Sword in the Stone. If your character has a double from another movie, please make sure to make your characterization focuses on what is special about your character in their movie so differences can be seen. If you have any doubt what counts and what does not, ask an admin before you start your application.

While side characters or Animated Original Characters are allowed to bear witness to the events of canon movies, they are not allowed to influence the events that occur unless stated in canon.
Playing a passive role in movie events (such as being a part of Scar's hyena army taking over Pride Rock) is very different than actively causing movie events (hyena soldier killing Mufasa himself). Please note that this also applies to plotting - anything after the arrival of the darkness is fair game, but do not plot out changes to canon with characters outside of that canon. When in doubt, ask an admin for help.

Do not use an original character you have from elsewhere as a canon here.
Meaning, do not try to jam an original concept into a canon character. It isn't fair to those who play related canons or anyone else who would be interested in that character. Play the canon as a canon. We have two different categories of original characters here, so if you want to play your OC here, please do so through that route instead!

If you do not have a reserve up for a character or a playby, then you have no claim to them - they are open for anyone to take.
Having an in progress application posted or an icon of a character in the chat box but no reserve means the character is open and can be claimed by someone else. We understand that both these situations suck, but please be mature and understanding of the rules so that you can avoid this possibility of hurt feelings!

Do not go out of your way to contact another member or guest in an attempt to discourage them from making a specific character.
This is disrespectful and in bad taste. If you have been contacted by someone trying to talk you out of a character, please contact a staff member. Similarly, do not inquire in public spaces whether a taken character/face claim is “active” in the interest of using that canon or face. This is extremely rude and can be hurtful to your fellow members.

If you wish to rewrite or change your application after it has been accepted, please contact an admin prior to making any edits more significant than something like a change of face claim, age, or occupation.
In some cases, you will need to repost your application for review in the in progress or completed application boards all over again so we can compare it to your old application and plainly see what was changed. You will be allowed to continue playing your character during this period, but keep in mind that you may be asked to make changes in the same fashion as a new application.

original characters

We have two categories of original characters: real world originals and animated originals. Information and rules for both these categories can be found here.


If you are applying for the first character of a canon on site, you may choose the point at which you cut off the story.
If your chosen canon has sequels or mid-quels, you may choose whether or not to include them before your canon cut off. You do not need to if you do not wish to.

We do allow characters from sequels here, even if the canon for a sequel has not happened yet because it was cut off in the first movie. However, you will have to alter the character's background.
For example, Scamp's parents would not be Lady and Tramp, but someone of your creation. It's always a good idea to contact the players of characters from the first movie to see what you can use and if you can come up with any ideas together. If you have any questions, feel free to ask a staffer.

In relation to canon characters, be considerate of current or future partners when adding life-altering events to canon (weddings, deaths, pregnancy, etc).
If you are playing the first character in a canon onsite - especially one that is part of a canon ship - your choices will affect others. Adding in significant events after the cutoff may put your future partners in tight situations. Speak with an admin before starting your application if you would like to add any significant life events that don't appear in canon. For example, if your character was pregnant when they came through the portal, this is allowed under certain conditions and is dependant on the situation. You may NOT use this method to incorporate a canon child of an existing ship; e.g. Lady cannot have Scamp and his siblings in San Francisco. She may have other, non-canon children, however. Those children are allowed to be Tramp's kids as long as the person playing him agrees. Your app may be accepted on the basis that these things may have to be edited out, to account for the event in which that person doesn't.

We do not consider the storylines of related TV series to be canon. Characters appearing solely in the series are not playable canons onsite.
In the cases of The Little Mermaid TV series or The Lion Guard for example, you may take character queues and gather some inspiration for their personalities to flesh out lesser known canons that appear in the movies as well as the series. If you want to make a character inspired by a character exclusive to the series, you may do that through our Animated Original Character route. Discuss with an admin if you're unsure what would be acceptable and what would not be in terms of similarities of said character.

racebends, genderbends & more

Do your best to find a face that matches your canon. If there are major differences (ie. completely different hair color), justify that in the “character connections” section of your app.
Sometimes it’s hard to find the right shade of hair or maybe a faceclaim is perfect but their eye color is off. Some changes might have “magical” reasons for the change, after all the portal does some mysterious things! This is usually fine, whatever the cause, but something worthwhile to outline in your app.

While we do not deny applications on terms of faceclaim chosen alone, we do not support whitewashing on a general basis.
Representation in animated films can be rare and in small circumstances. Please understand that we do not wish to lessen the impact and importance of POC in animation even further. We understand that it can be difficult to find a racially faithful faceclaim when film and tv media also struggle with representation, but we ask that you try your best. We - the staff and our member base - are happy to help look for an appropriate faceclaim if you need it. You need only ask!

Racebending (white character to a person of color) is accepted.
This is done frequently with minor characters, characters from lesser known films, and non-human characters. It is perfectly ok and does not need prior approval from an admin.

Gender Bending is allowed for some minor (usually non-human) characters with admin permission.
Some of our canons can be rather ambiguous (Piglet, the Cheshire Cat, etc.) and we have accepted genderbends of many minor characters. Please contact an admin to ask to review your ideas before beginning your application.

As stated above, changing the sexuality of a canon character is acceptable, and “character connections” is a good place to elaborate on your reasons for doing so.
Oftentimes, sexuality is not explicitly stated in the canon source material so we will not hold anyone to what their characters sexuality “seems” to be on film.

member groups

While member groups are not frequently distinguished onsite other than sorting of applications, member groups are a good way to tell the role of your canon in your film if someone is unfamiliar!
If they are the main protagonist by storytelling standards, they should fall in the Hero/Heroine categories. Same rings true for the film’s main antagonist or henchmen: Villain/Villainess. Lad/Lass are our broadest categories, and they cover all types of other various characters - parents of the hero, sidekicks, and minor characters.

For characters that change roles throughout the film, member group may be more fluid and a little more “gray” than others.
Good examples of these are Robert Callaghan in Big Hero Six, Kovu in The Lion King 2, etc. If it is revealed that a heroic seeming character is really the villain, they could belong in the latter category. Likewise, if a red-herring “villain” proves to be a not so bad, they’re more likely to be in the Lad/Lass category instead. It can be very subjective in this area, so be sure to consider the character’s motives and role in the overall plot.

The canon cutoff point from which you pull the character can have some bearing on your member group, as it does on the way you play said character.
If your canon character is the main protagonist and has not yet come to earn their Hero status yet, that can be up for discussion, and they may be more suited to the Lad category. If your henchman character is pulled from the story before they explore their redemption arc later in the film or in a sequel, you could consider their capacity for good enough to land them in the Lad/Lass category as well. This operates case-by-case, and it's a good idea to talk with an admin before committing to an unorthodox member group.

Please note your app may be pended if we find that you have used the wrong member group. If you are unsure of what group to use, ask a staffer and we can provide our suggestion.

Any currently accepted characters whose member groups do not match the above clarified rules need not change their member group at this point and are grandfathered into the above rules.
If you feel as though you have assigned the wrong member group to your character, just let an admin know to discuss and we can change it if we find necessary.

multiple characters

There is no limit to the number of characters you can play, but please be honest with yourself and what you can handle in order to remain active.
If you're feeling overwhelmed or notice that some of your characters aren't getting the love they deserve, consider dropping a character or two. If the staff is worried that you may have accumulated too many characters, you may be asked to reevaluate your roster.

In some cases, you may have two characters from the same movie.
It depends on how closely related they are. Please talk to an admin to ask if it's possible for who you have in mind.

Before reserving or applying for a second/third/etc. character, you must wait one week from the date of the acceptance of your last.

In addition, you must have all characters (including your most recent) on your plotter and provide five in character posts from the most recent.
There are spaces in the application code for these links. IC posts can be in any IC forum across Animated World, Real World, Past/Future, and our AU forum. Social media, games, etc. do not count as full fledged posts. You do not have to have these posts finished by the time you start a new application, but the app will not be accepted until you do.

If during the last Activity Check you had to ask for any your characters to be saved, we will not accept new applications from you until certain terms are met (in addition to the usual 1 week wait time + updated plotter + 5 IC posts).
If you have been saved for just one AC, you must have at least one post for half of your characters within that month before we will accept. If you have been saved for two consecutive ACs, you must have one post for every one of your characters, and have a staffer confirm that you are safe for the current AC. If you have not met these requirements before bumping or posting a complete app, your application will be marked as “Pending” until they are complete. Please understand that this is a minimum and we hope that you're able to surpass that.

If you wish to drop a character during the month (not over the time of the activity check), you may do so. In this case, please PM an administrator and we'll help you out. You do not need to provide any reason.

 Posted: Jun 13 2018, 11:19 AM

"Follow the path to your dreams"

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plotting, posting & activity rules


We require the use of plotters/shippers in order to make sure our members are up to date and their characters are accessible.
However, you are not required to use them as your main mode of plotting and communication if you find that you work better with other methods. The plotting forum is there as a bare minimum, but all forms of plotting are acceptable and we want you to use whatever you feel most comfortable with. Try to keep your plotter as updated as possible on things like occupation, housing status, relationship status, etc. - this is the best way to ensure that your fellow members understand your characters before they plot with you.

You are responsible for plotting your own characters. Do not wait for other people to post on your plotter.
Actively seek out the plots you want. Take risks. Be creative! If you find that you are struggling to connect, we may suggest trying other members, characters, or using other methods of plotting. Sometimes it’s just a matter of finding a good fit.

Be flexible and be ready and willing to compromise.
You may offer an idea that another player might not think would work for their character. Be respectful of that. We may contact you with concerns if we hear that you have been rigid and unwilling to work with your partners in plotting. Learn how to say “no thanks” nicely and learn how to receive a “no thanks” gracefully.

Again, do not pester people for plot replies. Be patient.
Using plotters is a relatively slow form of plotting and everyone moves at their own pace. Dropping a friendly reminder to someone to make sure they’ve seen your plots is one matter, but do not abuse the ability to remind them.

Do not force pairings, canon or otherwise. You are not at all required to stick with canon pairings.
Honor your fellow player's wishes. If they're not interested or seem unenthusiastic, discuss the pairing with them. It's no fun to play a romance you're not into! Likewise, be respectful of non-canon ships - within your canon as well as others on site.

We have a lovely thread full of plotting tips and tricks if you find yourself struggling. Take a look here and you may find it helpful!

want ads

You may bump your want ads once a week.

If you can, try to avoid advertising for canon characters who are not from the same movies as the characters you play.
Keep your ideas in mind for plotting if that character is made on-site instead.

If you advertise for animated originals, please post in the correct subforum.
In addition, it is good practice to write at the top of the ad that those characters are not open to guests and link to the rules about originals to avoid any confusion.


In character role playing posts should be in third person and past tense.

We have no formatting requirements. Templates are allowed, but not mandatory. If you need help with a template, feel free to ask.

There is no word count for this site.
So long as you respond accurately, no one will be upset, but still put in some effort. The response you get will only be as good as the response you make. If you find that you are overwhelmed with the length of a post from your partner, OR if you find that you don’t have enough to work with, discuss with them. Having a conversation OOC is an excellent way to make sure the two of you are in agreement, or to see who is struggling and why.

Try your best to follow grammatical rules such as proper punctuation, proper capitalization, etc.
As long as your partner can understand your post and doesn’t mind a few typos in your replies, mistakes are forgivable. We expect a certain amount of fluency, but of course we are all always learning and improving!

Please make sure that there is no godmodding in your posts.
If you are unfamiliar with this term, it means to write another person's character's thoughts or actions without checking with the player first. When in doubt, ask your thread partner. You may be asked to edit your post if we find this to be the case. If you believe you have been godmodded, contact a staff member and we can help sort out the situation.

Mature content is allowed, but must be marked somehow in the thread title. Please be sure to include that marker in all links you leave for that thread.
If you have a mostly non-”mature” thread with one or two “mature” posts, you can mark them at the beginning of your post.


Additional activity rules and specific details on post requirements can be found in our Activity Check, posted every month around the 9th-11th. The AC will remain open until the last day of that same month.
If the AC rules change at any time, Announcements and the AC thread itself is the best place to look for updated information.

Our minimum requirement for posting is one per month, per character.
Please understand that this is the absolute minimum and we do want our members to exceed that minimum. We’re all here to post so that should be our first priority, right? Some months are understandably busier than others and some muses speak louder than others - that’s okay! But if you find yourself consistently only able to post the minimum, you may want to reconsider your activity.

If you do not meet the requirements of our Activity Checks, your character(s) will be marked as inactive and their app(s) and thread(s) will be sent to the graveyard.
You must follow the given requirements in the time allotted, or PM an admin to ask to be saved. Please note we will only accept PMs, and that simply sending one does not guarantee you will be saved. We will get back to you as soon as we can, though please understand that toward the end of AC is a busy time for us.

We consider saving any number of characters as "saving" on the whole. Whether you have one or ten characters, if you ask to save one, it's still a general "save."
We keep track of how many times you have asked an admin to be saved for the AC. While we would prefer that you attempt to post as many times as you can before the end of the month, sometimes we all slip up and forget one. No matter how many characters you miss posting for, it counts as a whole strike. Keep this in mind if you find that you keep asking for at least one character to be saved - you may have a bigger load than you can handle.

If you happen to miss your very first AC as a member on the board, we will automatically save your character for you.
We don't expect you to know the routine around here right off the bat. After your first activity check, however, you'll be held to the same standards as older members. Please note this does apply to members returning after a time away or a hiatus - you will be expected to adhere to the rules as usual.

Posts in the Absences forum will ONLY save you from an AC in the case of an emergency. If you have ANY doubt whatsoever about being able to make a check, it is your responsibility to preemptively PM an admin to let them know ASAP.

We do not accept "I don't have any posts I owe" as an excuse to miss the AC.
If you find yourself out of owes mid-month, communicate with some of your partners to see if you can work something out! We'd rather have you keep active and ongoing threads than starting more than you can handle, but creating new threads is also an option. Do not, however, abuse the ability to make open threads in order to make AC. Again, we'd rather you keep active through ongoing threads.

If you miss an AC and have to ask for a character back after they have already been marked "inactive," you have 3 days to repost your claims.
Failure to do so will result in the canon and face claim being opened up for someone else to play, and you will have to reapply in order to pick the character back up.

Failure to post in the AC thread with the characters you intend on keeping - with or without having any IC posts for them - can result in the loss of ALL of your characters. Do NOT wait until the last minute to post in the AC.
It is your responsibility to post which characters you'd like to keep before it gets to the last minute. This is why we have an extended period of time that the AC is open, and you can come back to that post at any time to edit and add links to your posts. It will not be touched by a staffer until all characters have links to eligible posts.
If you do not post in the AC before it closes, you risk the loss of all of your characters. It is your prerogative to PM and administrator after AC closes if you would like to discuss your options. Depending on the situation, you may be allowed to keep some characters - not all - but there is no guarantee. In these cases, you will be able to decide which of these characters to remain active.

After bringing any of your characters back from being marked “inactive” during an activity check, in order to bring back old characters, you must meet the requirements as if they are new again.
That means 1 week wait time + updated plotter + 5 IC posts. You may use your existing/previously approved app, but they will be treated as new characters otherwise. You will still have to re-do your claims and post in Thread Moderation if you’d like any old threads back.

Please do not try to take on more characters than you can realistically handle. If you find yourself struggling to post once a month with the number of characters you have, consider dropping characters.
In addition, if you feel like you're dragging a museless character along, consider dropping them. We'd prefer greater activity with fewer characters than a ton of characters with hardly any posts. Please be honest with yourself about what you can manage. Everyone's different, so be sure not to compare yourself to the standards of others.

You are not required to drop characters only at AC time. As stated before, you may drop a character by PMing an admin at any time!
The AC is just a perfect place to assess which characters are working out and which aren't - if you've been wrestling with a muse for a while, you may consider dropping them so someone else can give them a shot.

If we believe you have been struggling, you may be contacted by an admin to discuss your activity. The first time this happens, it is not for warning purposes but to express concern.
Again, we keep track of the number of times each member has asked to be saved for an AC. This helps us look at a greater picture of activity per member and across the board. Things we look at include: consecutive missed ACs, the number of characters asked to be saved, other community activity (chatting, development, etc.) and personal issues/if you’ve put up an absence to notify us of lack of activity. Communication is always key for this and if we know what’s going on with you, we can suggest better advice and provide better help. Things that will trigger admin concern include: posting at the last minute, opening new threads each month instead of posting for existing owes, or being distant from the site without posting an absence or letting anyone know why. While none of these things are technically against the rules, we regard them as red flags of declining activity.

If your activity continues to remain at the same level or worsens, we will provide you with a formal warning. This may or may NOT be preceded by a conversation of concern as stated in the last rule.
Things that will trigger a warning include: missing two saves in a row, missing ACs every other month, and consistently sliding in at the last minute to post for AC and then "ghosting" the rest of the month. This warning will come via PM and explain what caused these red flags and why are sending you the warning in the first place. If we have already had a conversation about our concern for your activity, we will compare and contrast your activity then and now. We will highly suggest that you drop characters that you cannot handle, and try our best to think of other solutions that might help. We want you to be active and happy on site, and if there is anything that we can reasonably look into, we can and will.

After that warning, your activity does not improve, and you ask to be saved, you will be notified that this is your last save for six (6) months.
In that time, we will look at the same things listed above that caused a warning in the first place. We rarely have to escalate things to this point but if you have spent the past few months with poor activity, you must improve upon it in order to gain back the option to "save" a character.

In the rare event of a "Soft" Activity Check or an Interest Check, we do not expect anyone to post, regardless of their activity before that check.
It would be unfair for us to hold some to Soft AC rules and not others, and therefore we will not do it. If you struggle to post months after the Soft AC, however, it will still count as usual for or against your activity.

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