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 The Plot
 Posted on: Oct 5 2015, 11:35 PM
the phoenix
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Your home is gone. Your prince, your fairy godmother, your whole world… It has fallen to ashes in the wake of the most powerful evil you have ever laid eyes on. It came so fast, in a blur of dark clouds and terrible creatures. It's impossible to tell from where this power came, and in all the chaos you don't stop to listen to the mysterious laughter in the distance, echoing in between claps of thunder. No matter the cause of this destruction, you know you cannot stay.

For now, retreat is the only answer. You must regain your strength if you wish to go on. You have heard of those that fight against this evil force, risking their lives against this great threat. You may join in their war, but you must survive long enough to do so. You have been told to seek out the portal... A land still untouched by the gloom stands on the other side. It could be your chance to recuperate and come back. Or it could mean a fresh start and a new life, if the stories are true.

You search for days, and at last you see the fabled portal. The archway stands tall and lonely, in support of no structure, and it appears out of thin air. Can it be trusted to deliver you to safety? There's no way to tell, but then again, do you really have a choice? Close your eyes, and take a step forward.

Open your eyes and a path is laid out in front of you - a bridge where formerly there was none. Residents stroll leisurely up and down trails, children are out at play. There is no sign of the destruction you knew and only innocent rain clouds fill the skies above. For the moment, you are at peace. They keep calling this place San Francisco, but it is nothing like anywhere you've been before. The fog rolls over the hills and you think to yourself, could this be your new home?

ten years later

Ten years have passed since the first attack of dark magic on the animated realm. You, and many others, have made a life for yourself in this new city. Haven Hill has been helping people like you for a decade now, the little neighborhood even helped you all those years ago. You've adjusted well, you've got an apartment, a job, a circle of friends that you hold dear. Everything seems to have fallen into place.

Yet, recently the summer had begun to boil, stirring up stories of terrible trouble. Disappearances, some say. Kidnappings, others insist. It's impossible to tell what really happened except from the mouths of the victims themselves. Some have returned, some have not - not themselves anyway. Neither would you if you had been in their place. It seems as if this evil force is getting even stronger, and somehow able to manifest in San Francisco, if the rumors are to be believed.

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