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 Posted on: Oct 11 2015, 12:59 AM
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Hi everyone! I'm Amanda, I'm 25 years old and I live in Brooklyn, NY. I graduated uni just over two years ago, and I studied fashion design, specializing in children's wear. Now I'm working on licensed apparel (boy's pjs specifically). Basically that's the ~official~ term for designing Mickey Mouse and Batman pajamas. I've been roleplaying for somewhere around ten years on and off, literally so long I lose track haha. My main fandoms are Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and well... Disney obviously. Let me know if you have any questions on the OTMs, on site awards, or graphics - or anything really. Send me a PM or track me down through AIM - hope I can help!

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Hey gang! I'm Forest, resident tree hugger here on DS. I just graduated with a psychology major and am now a Fully Fledged Adult ™. I've been roleplaying for 10 years now! I love fuzzy blankets and peppermint hot chocolate and stepping on really crunchy leaves. My goal for the future is to live in the woods and own an army of corgis, and my favorite hobby is causing soul-crushing feelings. If you have any questions or need any help, don't be afraid to ask! My bark is worse than my bite - hah, hah, tree humor. >> I'm in charge of advertising and affiliates as well as activity checks and coding!

Hai luvs, Sam here. Resident Jurassic Park enthusiast and horror movie fanatic. Recently moved to Orlando for a fresh start, where I've been doing the roleplaying thing for about 10 years give-or-take. When I'm not writing soul crushing angst for my horde of misfit muses I'm probably doing homework for college where I'm an English major. I've been told I'm a very good listener and I love plots ( even totally off the wall ones ) so if you need absolutely anything don't be afraid to ask. I've got a whole mess of fandoms but my main squeezes are Supernatural, Teen Wolf, anything with vampires, and procedural crime dramas like CSI and NCIS. If you want to reach me I've got both AIM and Skype ( drakarifire or raptalovespepsi ). I deal with Applications, animated OC requests, and OTM graphics, so i've you've got a question feel free to ask. c:

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Hey there! I’m Pond, and I’ve been part of the roleplaying scene for 10ish years now. I live in the great Pacific Northwest where I’m a senior in college. I’m majoring in Early Childhood Special Education and still have quite a bit of schooling to go (1.5 years!). I also work part-time in a daycare on top of school work, but I’m still around a whole lot of the time! I’m a huge fan of Studio Ghibli films, and Disney and all the rest of that good stuff. I watch a lot of YouTube and a lot of various TV shows (TWD, OUAT, SPN, etc.), so you can always ask if you wanna know if we like the same stuff! I also love horror films and those terribly syfy channel movies! I’m also a kpop fan, along with pretty much all music in general. Here on EDS I’m in charge of running the tumblr and keeping our ad up to date on RPG-Directory. I keep a lot of the lists up to date, help with the AC, and more! I’m also here if you ever need to talk about anything, from real life to things on the site! Just hit me up on AIM or over PM and I’ll help you however I possibly can. :)

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Hello~ I'm Allie. I am the resident potato. I know what you must be thinking but no, no. Potatoes are great, ok? I started roleplaying about fourteenish years and sheesh it seems like yesterday that I began, I'm currently finishing my Bachelor's degree in English and most of my time is consumed trying to figure out what I'm going to do with that. I work part-time as a barista, currently, so I'm usually popping in and out at odd times of the day depending on my schedule but, rest assured, I'm always here...lurking...in the background like a...lurker <.< My modly duties include: advertising, updating lists, and managing the open threads. You can contact me for any reason via pm, skype (dream.deferred), or aim (bennyxjoon).

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