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Our resident meme queen, Lauren is always a positive figure in the chat and on site, and we're glad to have her! It's a blast to watch her colorful array of characters interact with others, from SF native Theo to our favorite misguided stepsister Alex. Whether she's plotting, posting, or just being herself, she never fails to bring smiles to our faces.





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Welcome to ENDLESS DIAMOND SKY! We are an animation personified site set both in the animated world and present day San Francisco. A terrible darkness is spreading through the animated realm, driving everyone from their homes and into unknown territory that we know as reality. Now they find themselves at a crossroads: do they fight for their world or do they turn their back on it and make San Francisco their home? What will you choose?

san francisco, calif. 2018


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 it's all inside your head, amanda's tracker
 Posted: Oct 27 2015, 07:40 PM

We must do better..

  Betty Cooper
  24 years old
 645 POSTS


starters & owes
current RF/priority
these owes are marked with a •
listed in no particular order
want to be added? let's discuss!

yours if you want it
delia: dinner date at eli's w/ elijah hayes
the mermaid and the land boy
tina: romance novel AU w/ theo preston
chamomeow tea
hana: cat cafe w/ midori yoshida
bee keeping
zoë: zoë's garden w/ gary osborn
• tight-knit as ever
audra: k n i t t i n g w/ iris hyacinth
i don't belong here
rob: at a bar w/ chance parker
kaito: harvest feast w/ niels vukasin
kiss, kiss, fall in love~
rich: ouran hs host club AU w/ jane


happy birthday to you?
delia: cupcake bakery w/ maire breckenridge
and i don't want to be reminded
rob: at the bridge w/ isabella clare


starter 🕊
tina: something fun w/ andrea kersey
think i got myself in trouble
rob: first date ever w/ chihiro ogino
how to give and take
audra: meeting on the street w/ katherine bellamy


all aboard the hogwarts express
tina: HP AU w/ merfamily
keep you safe
audra: blizzard rescue w/ rowan terian
home for me is where you are
tahlia: confessions w/ terence hallows
make it pop!
kaito: party time w/ alexandra baker
losing your memory now
rich: memory loss sad times w/ giselle chandon


bailar conmigo~
hana: dance club! w/ matias de tito
i call the forest home
zoë: national forest w/ moriko spirritt
f l o u n d e r i n g
tina: city hall w/ kristian solberg
girls night out
hana: out drinking w/ audrey kennedy
tina: on campus w/ tallulah dagney
friendly catch-up
tahlia: coffee date w/ ella clare
the cold never bothered me
audra: reunion w/ thea mcgovern
there's no place like home
tahlia: hot cocoa chat w/ xiaoli jun


portkey to my heart
kaito: HP AU w/ merliah caspian
the gift of your presence
rich: holiday romance AU w/ desiree labelle
what's the wifi password?
hana: cafe reunion w/ toshiro mitsuru
never wake a sleeping dragon
rich: dragon hunting saving w/ lyniyah drake
teach you to f l y
delia: at the studio w/ skylar cassidy
starter 🕊
delia: after the ballet w/ natasha anosova
like a bad omen
audra: poetry reading w/ calix brenhin
stood up, stand out
rich: offering advice w/ merliah caspian
you and i will walk...
robin: chance reunion w/ jay beirne


press pause
hana: on campus w/ takashi tachibana
flicker a light, whatever may find you
zoe: camping w/ kanti matoax
friends in holy spaces
tina: cocktail bar w/ howell jenkins
move a little closer,
audra: totally not a date w/ calix brenhin
hurts like hell
delia: lakeside meeting w/ derek hunter
fresh as a daisy
zoë: flower crown making w/ aria ondine
perfect for you
tahlia: shopping w/ molly davis
moving day
rob: snagged open w/ joy puca/div>


you and i
rich: proposal party w/ giselle chandon
chasing after your name
kaito: your name AU w/ yuu susuwatari
starter 🕊
helia: failing at cleaning w/ sinclair harper
like i've never seen the sky before
tahlia: teary reunion times w/ terence hallows
dreaming of sunlight
tahlia: petting zoo! w/ francine warren
tahlia lise berry
 Posted: Oct 27 2015, 07:55 PM

love, can you hear me? if you're near me, sing your song.

  22 years old
  happily taken
  amanda (SHE/HER)


tahlia berry
thumbelina • 22
current posts: 48
as of 6/1

shopping w/ molly davis
tahlia's anniversary with terence is coming up, and she enlists molly to help her shop for a gift. she knows he'll probably love anything she gets, but it has to be perfect.

IKEA trip w/ tallulah dagney
tahlia and lulu have finally found a place by themselves - now all they need to do is furnish it! they've made it all the way to ikea and the little redheads seem to have gotten lost... oops?

ice rink w/ gíslíana ísdóttir
finally willing to give ice skating a try, tahlia's been paired with one of terence's fairy friends for some lessons! let's hope she doesn't fall on her face.

at the apt w/ terence & lulu
after living together several months, lulu still hasn't met tahlia's boyfriend... that changes when she finds him cooking in their kitchen one day - and they realize they have met after all!

text/call w/ gary osborn
tahlia's given cornelius' ring to haven hill for safekeeping. she didn't expect to hear anyone thanking her for it... especially not so soon.

tahlia's apt w/ terence hallows
just when things start feeling like normal for the sparrowman and flower child, cornelius' re-entry into tahlia's life threatens the once again happy couple.

the zoo! w/ francine warren
still getting to know all of terence's friends two and a half years into their relationship, tahlia plans to spend an afternoon with animal-talent fairy fran and hopefully some cute animals!

coffee shop w/ isabella clare
short description here

harvest feast w/ gary osborn
terence is gone, run away across the portal after a confrontation with cornelius - er, gary. while tahlia misses him terribly, his absence gives her time and space to settle some things with the fairy prince.

at xia's house w/ xiaoli jun
having a particularly hard winter, tahlia stops out to cheer herself up with a bit of cocoa. when an old acquaintance shows up and invites her back to her farm, tahila is happy to oblige.

outside tahlia's apt w/ terence hallows
short description here

user posted image
odelia elizabeth lynn
 Posted: Nov 3 2015, 12:41 PM

if i could break this spell, i'd run to him today....

  the swan princess
  27 years old
  amanda (SHE/HER)


odelia lynn
princess odette • 27
current posts: 45
as of 6/1

cupcake bakery w/ maire breckenridge
yet another birthday passes and delia's still on her own. trying not to let it get her down, she treats herself - and a new acquaintance - to a birthday cake cupcake, perhaps making a new friend in the process.

chance meeting w/ elijah hayes
in odelia's rush to meet up with a friend for coffee, she misplaces one very important item: her wallet! perhaps the stranger to return it to her will kindly accept her request to treat him as a 'thank you.'

dinner at eli's w/ elijah hayes
odelia has invited eli to her students' recital, and he treats her to dinner at his place in return. they've been seeing each other for a few months, but this is a more serious step for them both.

forest lakeside w/ derek hunter
short description here

at the studio w/ skylar cassidy
short description here

at delia's apt w/ margaret chung
short description here

after the ballet w/ natasha anosova
short description here

user posted image

thank you sam my sweet ♥
zoë dimitra alseid
 Posted: Feb 23 2016, 01:03 PM

Once was a girl, born of the earth, With flowers in her hair.

  a fairytale forest
  26 years old
  free bird
  amanda (SHE/HER)


zoe alseid
nymph • 26
current posts: 37
as of 6/1

little medicine shop w/ lawana hausis
short description

in the park w/ iris hyacinth
zoë finds a lovely stranger singing in the park. she's reminded of sunny spring days, but what she doesn't know is that she's just met the season herself.

in the forest w/ graham oren
short description

HP AU w/ graham oren
short description

beekeeping w/ gary osborn
short description here

national park w/ moriko spirritt
short description here

animated world w/ nessie highland
short description here

v-day event w/ jaxon frost
short description here

camping w/ kanti matoax
short description here
richard albrecht renaldi
 Posted: May 4 2016, 11:14 PM

what's not to like? .

  Prince Edward
  30 years old
  Amanda (SHE/HER)


richard renaldi
prince edward • 30
current posts: 30
as of 6/1

in the park w/ giselle chandon
after two years of a near-endless search, richard finally comes across the woman of his dreams in golden gate state park. overjoyed to see her and overwhelmed all at once, he can hardly believe his sweet bride-to-be is back in his life.

financial district w/ maia hadyn
in a risky marketing scheme, the matchmaking firm is offering complementary makeovers to a select few. rich's client-to-be is a young miss hadyn, who he thinks he can pull out of her shell.

scouting mission w/ leopold kincaid
short description here

surprise dating advice w/ sean & lucy
short description here

crumbling kingdom w/ lyniyah drake
short description here

engagement party w/ giselle chandon
short description here

helping a girl out w/ merliah caspian
short description here

future thread w/ giselle chandon
short description here

ouran h.s. host club AU w/ jane
short description here

christmas surprise AU w/ desiree labelle
short description here
audra holly pace
 Posted: Oct 11 2016, 12:53 PM

Don't be scared of avalanches tucked up in my snowy branches.

  winter sprite
  fantasia 2000
  24 years old
  Technically Single™
  amanda (SHE/HER)
 134 POSTS


audra pace
winter sprite • 24
current posts: 106
as of 6/1

run-in w/ katherine bellamy
looking forward to a cool day in san francisco, audra takes a walk and forgets to look where she's going. luckily the kind redhead she bumps into is gracious about it, and can't help but to feel she's familiar.

wind chime shop w/ ray guthrie
feeling a much needed burst of energy on a particularly windy day, the winter sprite senses a interesting presence and finds herself in a little wind chime shop without knowing why.

unexpected meeting w/ thea mcgovern
as fall descends on san francisco, audra is feeling stronger and more lively every day. however, that doesn't seem to be the case for everyone in the city, especially not one curly-haired blonde who seems to be having a hard time in the cold.

art gallery (BWO) w/ iris hyacinth
strange things have been happening all around the city, including the gallery audra stopped in on. the temperature seems to have dropped drastically, but... it wasn't her, was it?

in the park w/ elsa redd
eager to enjoy spring, audra steps out on a particularly brisk day. all is going well until she's caught peering over the shoulder at the sketchbook of a stranger.

poetry reading w/ calix brenhin
short description here

at home w/ iorek isbjørn
short description here

in the park w/ jaxon frost
short description here

in the park (HF) w/ rowan terian
short description here

catching up w/ calix brenhin
short description here

audra's apt w/ iris hyacinth
short description here

HP AU w/ sprite sisters
with a mostly empty castle to themselves, iris and kate plan a grand christmas dinner for the four seasonal sisters!

high school AU w/ calix brenhin
short description here
robin edward sanders
 Posted: May 26 2017, 11:22 AM

promise me you'll always remember.

  christopher robin
  winnie the pooh
  20 years old
  amanda (SHE/HER)


robin sanders
christopher robin • 20
current posts: 27
as of 6/1

union square w/ chihiro ogino
robin's been (rather reluctantly) forced into the world of romance and his first date is with one sweet little chihiro. they may not be the best match for this blind date, but perhaps all is not lost.

getting coffee w/ dallas williams
haven hill landed robin a job with a little help from one streetwise bartender. rob has a lot to learn but it's nice to have someone on his side. now just he just has to thank him least awkwardly as possible.

sidewalk run-in w/ jay beirne
feeling a craving for a hot meal, rob goes in search of one. he turns to enter the cafe and knocks over a poor, unsuspecting - but incredibly friendly and a bit familiar - stranger instead!

apartment stoop w/ wren marrok
rob might or might not have bought a beer just to see if he could. without too much forethought, he stops to drink it on a stranger's stoop.

out drinking w/ chance parker
short description here

the bridge w/ isabella clare
short description here

haven hill w/ gary osborn
short description here

high school AU w/ gary osborn
short description here
kaito shin himura
 Posted: Nov 27 2017, 12:50 PM

if you must blink, do it now.

  kubo & the two strings
  24 years old
  open minded
  amanda (SHE/HER)


kaito himura
kubo • 24
current posts: 22
as of 6/1

bookshop w/ emilia la amada
it's about time kaito got a "real job" and he knows just the place he wants to work: a cozy little bookshop that feels a little bit like magic. surely a storyteller like himself will fit in.

golden gate park w/ norman babcock
in a rare display of solemnity, kaito goes to pay his respects to his lost parents. but in the peace and quiet of the park at sunset, he realizes he's not alone.

party time w/ alexandra baker
short description here

secondhand shop w/ yuu susuwatari
short description here

harvest feast w/ niels vukasin
short description here

rebel encampment w/ lydia eferhild
short description here

on the street w/ hisoka okura
short description here

your name AU w/ yuu susuwatari
short description here

HP AU w/ merliah caspian
short description here
martine honoria anker
 Posted: Jan 31 2018, 11:20 AM

don't get cute with me, this is serious.

  the little mermaid
  23 years old
  amanda (SHE/HER)


martine anker
attina • 23
current posts: 16
as of 6/1

city hall w/ kristian solberg
short description here

future thread w/ leomaris seaward
short description here

at the bar w/ howell jenkins
short description here

romance novel AU w/ theo preston
short description here

uni study room w/ alexandra baker
short description here

HP AU w/ merfamily
short description here

SF state campus w/ tallulah dagney
short description here

somewhere w/ marissa delmara
short description here

somewhere w/ andrea kersey
short description here
hana lorelay herbert
 Posted: Feb 26 2018, 10:16 AM

you're gonna love this.

  Honey Lemon
  big hero six
  22 years old
  Amanda (SHE/HER)


hana herbert
honey lemon • 22
current posts: 40
as of 6/1

latin music club w/ matias de tito
short description here

cat cafe w/ midori yoshida
short description here

at the bean w/ toshiro mitsuru
short description here

on campus w/ takashi tachibana
short description here

gno drinking w/ audrey kennedy
short description here

pokémon AU w/ open
short description here
helia shiri altan
 Posted: Jun 21 2018, 10:22 AM

this girl is on fire.

  knight of fire
  27 years old
  in love w/ everyone
  amanda (she/her)


helia altan
knight of fire • 27
current posts: 1
as of 6/21

at the club w/ thea mcgovern
short description here

misty forest w/ wilhelmina tänzer
short description here

sinclair's apt w/ sinclair harper
short description here
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